Facebook Seeking Seven Figures for Video Ads


by @DavidAPortney

This summer, Facebook will be rolling out video ads as part of their widespread attempt to increase revenue streams since going public.  However, this won’t be cheap, charging an upwards of seven figures for these short advertisements.

Is it worth it?  Probably not.  My view on these paid social media ads is if you have a boat load of money lying around collecting dust, then go for it.  If you’re one of the 99.9% who isn’t as fortunate to work with a generous budget, then I’d spend more time on producing quality content than just spilling cash into a post.

My two cents is that if it’s a great post, the public will share it regardless.  You shouldn’t be looking for people to simply like, share or comment on a post because they saw it.  Instead they should interact with you because they actually like your content.

Avoid the “hollow follower” who really doesn’t care about what you have to say, but because they saw it in their news feed they’ll give you the coveted thumbs up.  Gain followers who will consume what you’re putting out there, and the best way to do that is not exclusively through paid advertisements.

Summary:  If you have cash for paid ads, then go for it.  If not don’t sweat it, just keep producing quality content and your followers will come!


About dportmedia

As of early 2018, I’m re-branding this blog page to hopefully shed some light on the how and why we’re seeing what we’re seeing on all media platforms. I don’t profess to have all of the answers, but hopefully we can have meaningful and cordial discourse on the topics most relevant to all of us. The goal is to make this 75% on sport media and 25% current events and politics. Follow me on Twitter @DavidAPortney
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2 Responses to Facebook Seeking Seven Figures for Video Ads

  1. lyndsistaff1 says:

    Great post, I completely agree.

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