Why linking your Facebook + Twitter accounts is never a good idea


by @DavidAPortney

I know it’s easier, more convenient and less work, but please whatever you do DO NOT LINK YOUR FACEBOOK AND TWITTER ACCOUNTS.

Each one was designed to accomplish their own tasks, and should be treated as such.  Your Facebook posts should be photo based while Twitter posts are quick bites of information.  When you  blend the two philosophies together it gets messy, convoluted and flat-out difficult to read.

Answer me this.  When you see a cut-off tweet with a link at the end, do you click it to read the rest?  The answer is probably no.  That’s what happens when a linked post goes over the 140 character limit of Twitter, the link will take you away from Twitter and to the Facebook post.  I’ve searched far and wide and can’t seem to find the study, but the numbers were something close to a 30% click through rate.  But most importantly, it simply looks lazy.  From a consumer’s point of view, why should they give you their money and follow your account when you can’t even take the time to compose a tweet?

Less often but it’s still out there, you may see hashtags in Facebook posts.  Why why why would anyone ever do that?  On Twitter you click on hashtags to group tweets together to continue a conversation (see previous blog), but hashtags are not clickable links on Facebook, so they literally serve zero purpose.  All they accomplish is creating Facebook clutter of odd symbols.

Short blog, but that’s the point…DON’T LINK YOUR ACCOUNTS!!!

As always, I’d love to get your feedback!  Feel free to leave a comment below or drop me an email at davidportney1@gmail.com


About dportmedia

As of early 2018, I’m re-branding this blog page to hopefully shed some light on the how and why we’re seeing what we’re seeing on all media platforms. I don’t profess to have all of the answers, but hopefully we can have meaningful and cordial discourse on the topics most relevant to all of us. The goal is to make this 75% on sport media and 25% current events and politics. Follow me on Twitter @DavidAPortney
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