Why selfies infuriate me


by @DavidAPortney

Selfies.  Just saying it out loud is enough to make me cringe.  A selfie is when someone takes a photo of his or herself, usually done at arm length.  You think it’s reserved just for nerds or teenage girls?  Think again and see above.  The bad ass Eminem has fallen victim to this social media craze, and it appears there is no end in sight.  Here is why I can’t stand them:

1)  I already know what you look like, and the fact something cool is BEHIND you doesn’t make it a cool pic.  Here’s an idea, take yourself out of the shot and show us what you see.  Or at the very least, get a friend to take a photo of you standing in front of or near something worthwhile of a shot.  The major point being have the primary focus of the pic not be of you, but of something else.  Hear that Marshall?  Give your phone to a friend, stand next to the Mona Lisa and smile.

2)  Selfies are just too close for comfort.  We don’t need to see every pore on your face.

3)  It reeks of insecurity.  People who are generally happy don’t feel the need to post such an in your face photo like a selfie for everyone to see and comment on.  It’s a way to fish for compliments, sort of like Will Ferrell’s character in Anchorman as he stares into the mirror, “everyone come see how good I look!”  Don’t get me started on the half-naked in front of the bathroom mirror selfie.

4)  What is my role when I see a selfie on Facebook or Instagram?  As a fellow social media user, I find it weird when a selfie is liked or commented on because what exactly are they “liking?”  It’s basically a not-to-subtle way of saying “you’re attractive,” and to me that’s an odd declaration to make on social media.

Normally I like to come up with an even five reasons, but those four pretty much sum up how I feel: don’t take selfies!


About dportmedia

As of early 2018, I’m re-branding this blog page to hopefully shed some light on the how and why we’re seeing what we’re seeing on all media platforms. I don’t profess to have all of the answers, but hopefully we can have meaningful and cordial discourse on the topics most relevant to all of us. The goal is to make this 75% on sport media and 25% current events and politics. Follow me on Twitter @DavidAPortney
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