Facebook finally eases their promotion restrictions


by @DavidAPortney

It’s about time!  After years of suffering through third party applications, Facebook finally let us run promotions and giveaways the way they SHOULD be on social media.

Perhaps it’s more Facebook crying “uncle” because very few organizations were playing by the rules anyway, but now you’re allowed to give stuff away by asking your followers to like, share or comment on a post.  Previously, you had to use a third party application to run contests and collect people’s contact information.

What does this mean for all of us?  Well, when I first heard of the policy change I did about five happy dance laps around the office.  This now means we not only save money and time by not paying for and dealing with third party apps, but it is now easier to expand the reach of each post by incentivizing our followers to interact with us.  So now more than ever it’s important to GET CREATIVE with your promotions!

Gather whatever free stuff you have lying around the office or place of business and give it away on Facebook.  It doesn’t even have to be a tangible item, depending on your organization feel free to experiment with different products and services.  Remember, the “share” is the golden interaction between the like and comment.  This is because the share will reach a significant majority of a user’s friends while the like reaches the fewest.  If you want to know exactly why Facebook is set up that way…ask Mark Zuckerberg.

What kind of promotions will you be having for your online brands because of these changes?  Let me know!

(image courtesy http://www.istockphoto.com/)


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