Facebook Ending Sponsored Stories…Whoopty Doo.


by @DavidAPortney

I’m back!  Yes, after the last few months getting ready for our big annual convention in Seattle, actually executing the preparations then taking a much needed vacation, life is somewhat back to normal.  Anyway, not sure if you heard, but starting in April you will no longer see any sponsored stories in your news feeds.  In short, all they are are indications that a friend likes a particular page or post.

Big deal?  Probably not.  In all honesty this is probably one of the few social media advertisements I don’t find intrusive.  Unlike promoted posts, I actually look at those pages to see if I’d be interested in liking that page as well.  This is probably more effective in local markets, where you may not be aware a particular local business is on Facebook.  For example, this past fall I took part in a 45-mile bike race, and when I saw the sponsored story after a friend liked the race’s official Facebook page, I liked it as well.  Never would I have thought to look up a race in Nowhere, KY to see if they had a Facebook page.

On the other side, seeing a massive company’s sponsored story is a waste of time.  I don’t need to see a Nike ad as a reminder they’re on Facebook.  I mean really, if I wanted to like Nike on Facebook I probably would have found them by now.

Now, Zuckerberg and friends will soon be merging toward ads with a more “social context.”  I like to hold off from giving my two cents until I actually see it in action, but if this involves friends with mutual interests I’m on board.  But that’s the key…MUTUAL INTERESTS.  I’m actually ok with marketers/Facebook tracking where I’m going on the internet so they have a better idea what my interests are.  I have nothing to hide, so go ahead…take a look!  I’d much prefer Red Sox related posts (big Sox fan over here) because they see I frequent redsox.com instead of sewing posts because one of my good friends loves to do that.

That’s it for now.  Stay warm!


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