The Grammy’s Don’t Matter, but I’ll Watch Anyway


by @DavidAPortney

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a huge fan of awards shows mainly because I haven’t seen/heard/consumed the majority of the nominees in each category.  Plus, who are these arbitrary committees that decide these awards anyway?  I always laugh when an obscure, independent film/album beats out the productions that were actually seen or heard.

But I watch.  I always do.  As someone who’s spent seemingly my entire life in athletics, I enjoy the competition the awards shows bring out in not only the artists, but the fans.  It has many of the same components we’ll find a week from today in New Jersey: drama, suspense, and even controversy (thanks Kanye).  I watch because people care about these winners, and as a fellow member of society I like being kept in the loop of the water cooler conversation.  This doesn’t mean I actually care about the winners… unless Bruce Springsteen is nominated for any category, in that case it’s life or death.

Perhaps there are already plans to do so, but I hope CBS and the Grammys incorporate a strong social media presence in the broadcast itself.  We love celebrities and for better or for worse, care what they think.  All it takes is a simple #Grammys hashtag stream on the bottom of the screen, and we can join in on the same conversations Taylor Swift and Macklemore are having online and national TV.  I may not normally care about pop culture celebrities’ opinions, but if we’re all observing the same show I wouldn’t mind their perspective, so hopefully CBS gives us the opportunity to see them!  That’s what I’ll be looking out for tonight…how about you?

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