What John Calipari said to make me cringe


by @DavidAPortney

Earlier today, University of Kentucky Head Basketball Coach John Calipari on the set of ESPN College Gameday admitted to the world he doesn’t read a single tweet, he pays an agency for that. This comes to no surprise as this is common practice amongst high profile public figures, but must he admit that on national TV?  Though Twitter has become more mainstream since its inception, it’s still geared towards celebrities giving fans access to their lives both professionally and personally.

There are two primary reasons to follow a celebrity:

1) To gain that access I was just talking about.
2) To make their voice heard by the person they’re tweeting because it’s tough to just shoot them an email.

Those points will not be weighed equally depending on the individual, but that’s the crux of it. So when Calipari says to the world he doesn’t read a single tweet he is snubbing his nose to the people that follow him for reason #2.  While I would prefer he be the one to actually do it, I understand his reasoning but he doesn’t have to tell the world about it!  In fairness, he did mention the tweets are authentically his, but unless he is the one actually doing the tweeting I would say it is not. Once it passes through agency hands it’s not longer in the originator’s voice.

If celebrities are afraid what they say on Twitter will negatively impact their careers then simply stay off it. No harm no foul. Personally, I love it when there are spelling and grammatical errors. It shows the public figure is just like the rest of us tweeting on the go with a casual slip of the iphone finger (just to be clear, I DON’T feel that way when it comes to company accounts, just individuals). It’s real and that’s what it should be.   Hopefully someday Coach Cal and the other agency using celebrities will realize that too.


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