Hi, my name’s Dave Portney, and welcome to DPort Media!


After working in the media industry for over a decade with the last three years at the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA), I am thrilled to see the expansion of online media to what it is today.  However, I’ve also noticed a disturbing trend as more companies are trusting their social media accounts to one of many digital media agencies that are popping up left and right.  While there are many great agencies out there, even more of them are happy to take your business without getting to actually know who you are and what you’re about.  In a perfect world, all social media activity would be kept in-house because no one knows your business better than you!  But the harsh reality is that adding another employee is not fiscally possible.

This is where I come in.   I will get to know you and your organization to where I’m not a third party client, but like another employee.  Other agencies assign a revolving door of poorly trained 9-5 account executives to handle the nitty gritty of your business, but that’s unfair to all of the organizations who work tirelessly to make the business the best it can be.  The truth is a great media campaign is like a game of chess.  It takes careful planning, strategy, execution and a little guts to reap the rewards.

I have a proven track record of building brand awareness through online media for companies large and small.  While most people have hobbies outside of work…I don’t.  This is my passion, and I truly love waking up in the morning and communicating with the rest of the world.  So visit my website and let’s connect:  http://dportmedia.com/

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