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As of early 2018, I’m re-branding this blog page to hopefully shed some light on the how and why we’re seeing what we’re seeing on all media platforms. I don’t profess to have all of the answers, but hopefully we can have meaningful and cordial discourse on the topics most relevant to all of us. The goal is to make this 75% on sport media and 25% current events and politics. Follow me on Twitter @DavidAPortney

Making it Look Easy

by @DavidAPortney Broadcasters. It might be the only job in television where the consumer believes in their heart of hearts they can do a better job. However, in reality it’s an incredibly arduous profession that blends the skills of preparation, … Continue reading

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Do Social Media Managers Need to be More Careful?

by @DavidAPortney As someone who manages social media accounts of a combined 200K followers, I know the struggle involved being in the constant rat race of shares, comments, retweets, impressions, and on and on. It can get freaking exhausting. We … Continue reading

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How is the Media Covering the Latest NCAA Basketball Scandal?

by @DavidAPortney The latest NCAA Basketball scandal is in full swing, and as a result the media machine is now roaring at full speed.  With the 24/7 media cycle, there should be plenty of space to have difficult conversations like … Continue reading

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Take Back your Timeline

by @DavidAPortney America is a complicated place. It’s the greatest country in the world, but we also have a ton of flaws. Because of that our timelines are often full of distressing news, opinions, blowhards, idiots (etc.) who find a … Continue reading

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Is Embracing Debate Good for Society?

by @DavidAPortney Ever since sports programming shifted away from its highlights format in the 21st century due to this thing called the internet, they’ve needed to fill that space with something stimulating. ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” blazed the trail with … Continue reading

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Is TV the Answer for Volleyball?

by @DavidAPortney Let me ask you a question. What do you think should be the most highly prioritized method for people to consume our sport? I’ve posed this question many times to members, social media followers and players and 99.9% … Continue reading

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Setting up for an unpredictable finish

As appeared on and the AVCA’s Coaching Volleyball Magazine by @DavidAPortney Gone are the days of hot and humid gyms of opening day weekend. Gone are the preseason matches that see your favorite programs play schools you’ve never seen. … Continue reading

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